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Everything your college bound athlete needs, can be found right here. Instruction, mental toughness training, guidance through the recruiting process, college showcase opportunities, and a full, 100% guarantee (if chosen) of playing college baseball.



As a former MLB prospect, college player, scout and father, baseball has afforded me many valuable lessons. It's taught me how to be tough, loving, accept failure, work hard, realize that nothing is free and everything is earned. But sometimes, this game can still be a difficult journey. Other times it's a stroll through the park, where it seems like nothing could go wrong. My path was certainly both, as a successful baseball career had ended with an, "inverted " knee injury; a full dislocation and four ruptured ligaments, not to mention three years of painful rehab just learning to walk again. I battled severe depression, isolation and regret for almost five years. And this, coming from a young man whose confidence in baseball never waivered....and I mean "never." Until that very moment. The moment when my surgeon's eyes refocused away from the marbled green vinyl flooring as he looked back at me, and mournfully shook his head three times. It was all over. I wasn't even "remotely prepared" for what was to come. It was undoubtedly, the darkest place I would ever visit.

As time went on, my depression began to worsen, to a grave level. I wasn't sure where/when this train would "derail." I just knew that it "would." This is why I'm always reminding my son, who's a successful pitcher at one of the top programs in the country to remember, "Baseball is what you's NOT who you are! Ironically, the very same words my father spoke to me after traveling 11 hours in the middle of the night after I hadn't returned a call in over 2 weeks. That was very odd for me, since I spoke to him every day. It was also "my" way of reaching out for help. I was too proud...and ashamed to reach out and tell him what I was thinking. I was close to a drastic breaking point, that would soon deem, "unrecoverable." He saved my life that night.

Time continued to move forward (as it often does), and I was healing, but I still couldn't seem to fill the void left from baseball. Then one morning it hit me. I decided to give back...and honor the sport that taught me so much. Teach...Coach... Mentor. Show players everything my father and coaches taught "me." I wanted to fulfill "their dreams." Not be bitter for the one's I fell short of. And today as a father, I can't even begin to fathom that, this is a dance I almost missed.  Today, I'm blessed to make other's dreams a reality...and to have a wonderful son, who I couldn't be closer to, or more proud of. And not just for watching him play the game I no longer can, but for the man he's become. I'm incredibly humbled and grateful to have learned, that while our dreams give us hope....our destination can be far more powerful than that of our deepest desires. Enjoy the ride!



  • A 100% Money-Back Guarantee! This gives families the peace of mind knowing their son will be fulfilling their dream of playing college baseball (IF I choose to work with them). No high school/travel ball teams/coaches, showcases or camps guarantee you a single thing.

  • R2R Will Save You Thousands of Dollars! You will “not” need to attend random camps or showcases, so in turn, you will save thousands with, “Time away from work, hotels, gas, food, event fees and miscellaneous spending.” Year after year families spend enormous amounts of money with, “little to no return” on their investment.

  • Recruiting Guidance! You’ll be professionally guided through a multi-faceted recruiting system, assured that no mistakes are made. Mistakes made can cost your student-athlete scholarship money and eligibility status.

  • Hitting, Pitching and Fielding Instruction are Included! I regularly work with my players (via video call), to polish up and have them ready to take video so I’m able to promote them to college coaches. These videos are paramount, as they’re the only connection between a coach’s eye and a player’s skills.

  • Skills Video Creation and Unlimited Editing! Player’s will send me the clips I request, and I will cut/edit and create a college baseball skills video for coaches to view. Editing can be done as many times as needed at no extra charge.

  • Mental Toughness Lessons! Sometimes player’s find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Whether it be a slump, can’t find the strike zone or they’re struggling with their overall confidence (which is typically related to fear of failure). A relaxing conversation can often do wonders in simplifying their issues.



At first, I honestly wasn't sure about this. I'm a natural skeptic and like most parents, I think I know more about baseball and recruiting than someone who does it for a living. By the way, I should point out that I'm an Accountant who barely made the high school baseball team. Jeff was very impressive once I finally sat back and let him take the lead. The number of colleges he had wanting my son was astonishing. Sending my other 2 kids to him in a month. Thanks for everything Jeff!

David Hilaman



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Unlimited instruction, Video Skills Creation, Mental Toughness Lessons, Recruiting Guidance, and a 100% Money-Back Guaranteed (if chosen), to play college baseball. All while saving thousands of dollars!



Video Skills Creation,  Recruiting Guidance, and a 100% Money-Back Guaranteed (if chosen), to play college baseball. Still saving you thousands of dollars!



Recruiting Guidance, and a 100% Money-Back Guaranteed (if chosen), to play college baseball. You will "still" save thousands of dollars!



You will receive "step-by-step" guidance on everything you'll need, to get recruited. No guarantees included.

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“Success is no accident. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from our failures”



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