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Everything your student-athlete needs is right here. Hitting/Pitching/Fielding Instruction, Mental Toughness Training, Collegiate Showcase Tournaments and College Recruiting. R2R offers your student-athlete something incredibly unique, that high school/travel ball, high school showcases, and camps do NOT. It GUARANTEES your child college baseball. And it does so at a fraction of the price. A player can only become an “R2R Recruit,” after a full evaluation of his skills. If he is accepted, he will receive unlimited one-on-one video lessons, skills video creation and editing until he has committed to a collegiate program. Ultimately, the first thing  families need to understand is, “You do not need dozens of showcases and camps to be recruited.” In fact, very few are recruited randomly, through these two means. And most won’t be recruited by playing with a specific travel ball team either. Annual costs continue to rise with travel ball, showcase and camp events. Last year alone, family’s baseball expenses averaged between $6,000 - $10,000, and that’s not including travel (gas, food, hotel, time away from work, etc.). R2R creates an actual, “Return on your investment,” and it’s fully guaranteed…..or your money back.​


About Me

As a former MLB Prospect, College Player, Scout and Father, I've learned to understand one thing. "Greatness records failure." Nothing worth having ever comes easy and in today's era of competition, it's imperative players have "all" the tools, not just the physical skillset. And sometimes even "with" all the tools, this game can still be a difficult journey. Other times it's a stroll through the park, where it seems like nothing could go wrong. My path was both, as my baseball career ended with an, "inverted " knee injury; a full dislocation and four ruptured ligaments, not to mention three years of painful rehab just learning to walk again. I went through severe depression, isolation and regret for almost years, until one day. I decided to pick myself up, and and move forward. Ironically, the very same skills this game had taught me, had probably just saved me, as well. I needed   something  to fill the void of "not" playing. What else other than give back to the sport that taught me so much...the physical and mental aptitude instilled by my father....and the countless, wonderful memories I continue to share with my players. Whether it be finding/correcting a swing flaw through instruction, helping a player learn to deal with hard times and failure or finding them a suitable college program to live out their dreams. Giving these young men the tools they need to succeed is something I take great pride in, and at the end of the day, there's no better feeling than telling a student-athlete, you've just fulfilled his dream of playing at the next level. As for that "void?" Well, God has blessed me by giving me the power to make "other players" dreams come true....and for that, I am forever grateful!


Client Testimonials

Since I started out as a Baseball Instructor in 2000, I have worked with hundreds of student-athletes to improve physical skills and thought processes that increase their athletic performance. Gaining strength and flexibility with hours of practice is always a necessity, but if your mind isn't working properly, the aforementioned really won't matter. At the end of the day, it's about having all the necessary tools. When you possess these attributes you may have the opportunity in  becoming an R2R Recruit. Get to this point in the recruiting process and I will take you the rest of the way. 

At first, I honestly wasn't sure about this. I'm a natural skeptic and like most parents, I think I know more about baseball and recruiting than someone who does it for a living. By the way, I should point out that I'm an Accountant who barely made the high school baseball team. Jeff was very impressive once I finally sat back and let him take the lead. The number of colleges he had wanting my son was astonishing. Sending my other 2 kids to him in a month. Thanks for everything Jeff!

David Hilaman


“Success is no accident. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from our failures”


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